Your personal breathing trainer.

Improve your breathing rhythm and learn
low frequency breathing for a better overall health.

Breathing Session Session Types

Easily train at your level.

BreathingApp suggests trainings based on your age, sex, and your measured initial breathing rate.

After normalizing your breath to a healthy rate you can improve towards an even lower rate or train endurance at specific rates.

BreathingApp uses specially composed sounds, stimulating neuro-physiological training, conditioning you towards lasting better breathing habits.

Make a major improvement to your health.

Research shows that 80% of people only use 30% of their lung capacity. Many people only use the top of their lungs through chest breathing without realizing.

The lower part of the lungs has almost ten times more blood vessels than the upper part. The ability of the body to absorb oxygen from the air is therefore much larger if, through abdominal breathing, the entire lung is used. As a result less effort is needed to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Sub-optimal breathing and use of the lungs leads to physical and mental dysfunctioning.

Low frequency and deep breathing allows you to use your full lung capacity. This reduces the level of stress hormones, cholesterol hormones, and blood pressure, while improving your immune system.

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Training Data in Health app Charts

Track & share progress.

Check your advancement in the built-in charts. You can even share them with your friends, if you want.

Your training data can also be stored in the Health app (iOS only). You can then view it along with your other health & fitness data and share it with health workers.

Start your healthy life today.